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Science is continually adding to our knowledge of human biochemistry including the powerful effect of optimal nutrition on health, wellbeing, and human performance. When it comes to delivering that nutrition, nothing does it more efficiently than the nutrient rich foods of nature.

IDK Nutrition specializes in the sourcing, marketing, and distribution of the world’s very best green health and human performance nutrition products.



April 2009, Sydney

IDK Nutrition is proud to announce a new business partnership with Logical Nutrition Pty Ltd of Sydney, Australia, as their Exclusive Global Licensee and the primary exporter for Vital Greens and Phyto Protein.

Vital Greens is a world leading greens supplement and superfood that has grown organically to dominate the Australian health food sector. Phyto Protein is the most bioavailable vegetable source protein in the market. IDK Nutrition has searched the world for the highest efficacy greens formula and is delighted to be associated with these two products and the founding team behind them. We look forward to expanding on the phenomenal Australian success of these products; making them available globally.

- Trevor Bolland, IDK Nutrition