Now you can access local Cardmember offers, right from your iPhone

Use the Selects iPhone App in everyday practical situations like this:

  • Walking down the street with a friend and feeling a bit hungry? Yes, the café down the street may suffice, but your Selects App shows you that there’s another café just around the block that offers 15% savings for American Express Cardmembers.
  • Buying a pair of jeans at a local shop? Before you join the queue, check your Selects App to see if there is a store nearby with any discounts for American Express Cardmembers. There just may be one a few blocks away with the same pair of jeans for 15% less.
  • Need to purchase a gift for a couple who just moved house? Check your Selects App first so you can check retail locations that offer valuable savings for American Express Cardmembers. They don’t have to know you paid less for their gift!
  • Traveling to another country and want to find out where the locals shop? If you are lucky enough to be traveling to one of the countries listed on this website, chances are we have a local merchant offer for you. Just install the Selects App on your iPhone before you arrive and you will automatically take these offers with you. If you have a WiFi connection within that country, you can even use the GPS to find offers near you. Keep in mind that data roaming charge tend to be expensive when traveling internationally – after all, there’s no sense in having your savings negated by an expensive mobile phone bill when you return home!

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